Having just graduated from a Medieval History Masters course, I decided I couldn’t quite leave the history world behind yet. I needed to start up a blog where I could have a creative outlet for all the great things I have read and will read about history.

Most posts on this blog will of course be about medieval history, as that is my area of greatest expertise. However, I do try to expand this, as all periods of history are inherently interesting, and it means I get to learn things too!

This blog will aim to cover a range of topics, from great people (both real or mythical), social or political history, gender ideas, particularly including women’s studies, and any other interesting tid-bits I can make an excuse to write about.

If you have a twitter account, please do follow me here, or you can find me on Facebook here. I try to post twice daily, to keep you up-to-date with interesting snippets of history, as I don’t have as much time to post blog posts as regularly as I’d like to!

If there are any topics you would like to see covered in my posts, please leave a message either in the comments on any page on the website, or else via my social media pages. I always love to have feedback too, so if you enjoyed a post please let me know! If you have any extra pieces of information to add to a post as well I would love to hear it in the comments.

If you don’t know where to start delving into my posts, you can find my first year “Top Ten” posts here.

Other than that, thank you for visiting my page, and I hope that you leave after having at least one “huh, that’s interesting” moment!

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