The Rise and Fall of the Victorian Music Hall

Today we have a fantastic guest post from Ruby Cardona about the fascinating history behind the Victorian Music Halls which were a mainstay of entertainment for decades. We hope you enjoy reading! The Victorian music halls were packed with exciting entertainments, visited by some of the most famous performers of the day and became notorious... Continue Reading →

Reactions to Suicide in Medieval Europe

People who lived in medieval Europe were, by and large, part of a Christian population. Whilst the strength of religious beliefs, and the Church’s control over individuals’ lives, did vary from person to person and region to region, generally people were aware of and wary of Church laws. As the medieval period progressed, the Church... Continue Reading →

Magic and Robots: Medieval Automatons

When people think of the medieval or early modern period, often it conjures images of the witch trials across the western world. These people are considered a superstitious bunch, deeply religious, and very suspicious of magic. Whilst there is of course substance to some of these ideas (and I have already discussed one case of... Continue Reading →

How Medieval Medicine is Helping us Today

Today, many people have very staunchly held beliefs on medicine and cures for all sorts of ailments. Some people rigidly champion ‘western’ medicine, only believing in the effectiveness of drugs prescribed by doctors, usually in the form of man-made pills. Others go for the ‘alternative’ medicine route, preferring to use natural products in the form... Continue Reading →

Mischievous Monks and Naughty Nuns

Many people perceive the medieval times to be extremely religious, with the Church constantly pushing the ideas of sin and salvation onto the population. Ideas of overly zealous churchmen preaching to trembling congregations are conjured, with everyone concerned about the soul and the afterlife. Whilst aspects of this are true, the reality is that medieval... Continue Reading →

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