Hello there!

My first post had to be a little introduction to this new blog. Having just graduated from a Medieval History Masters course, I decided I couldn’t quite leave the history world behind yet. I needed to start up a blog where I could have a creative outlet for all the great things I have read and will read about history.

Most posts on this blog will of course be about medieval history, as that is my area of greatest expertise. However, I do hope to expand this, as all periods of history are inherently interesting!

This blog will aim to cover a range of topics, from great people (both real or mythical), social or political history, gender ideas, particularly including women’s studies, and any other interesting tid-bits I can make an excuse to write about.

If you have a twitter account, please do follow me here, as that will certainly be far more active than my blog account (balancing that working life!) and it will allow me to spread a far wider range of historical knowledge beyond my scope and comfortable area.

Other than that, thank you for visiting my page, and I hope that you leave after having at least one “huh, that’s interesting” moment!

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