I am really excited to say that today (1st October 2021) marks 5 years since Just History Posts was founded. Read to the bottom to learn details about my special competition to mark the occasion!

The past 5 years have been quite a journey. I have learnt so much about writing accessible posts that everyone can enjoy, and my skills have improved greatly. Last year I had a specially-designed logo created for the blog, and Just History Posts received a huge makeover. It was also because of Just History Posts that I was encouraged to write my first book, Royal Witches. The first time I had a post “go viral” was my article about the accusations of witchcraft against Joan of Navarre, Queen of England, and she ended up being the first woman who features in my book.

With working full time and writing my books, managing Just History Posts has sometimes been a challenge, but I am so pleased with the wonderful community that has built around this blog, particularly on Facebook where it is always rewarding to see the comments of my regulars. Even if I can’t write detailed blog posts on here, I try to almost always have a daily post go up on social media and being able to share the interesting bits of history I come across always makes my day.

But for the 5 year anniversary of Just History Posts I just had to take a moment to give the website some love to say thank you for all the opportunities it has opened up for me. This month I will be publishing 5 brand new blog posts – one every week – so make sure to check back every Sunday for the next one! But I also want to say a huge thank you to you, the people who read my posts, who send me “likes” on social media, and who keep this blog special. If you weren’t here, then the blog wouldn’t be either.

So, to give back to you all, I am running a competition across the whole of this month! To one lucky winner, I will be giving a free signed copy of my book, Royal Witches, a free mug of your choice from my online shop, and a free set of all 10 of my historical figures bookmarks! This prize is worth £60, and it will all be yours for free.

All you need to do is write a comment at the bottom of this page telling me what your favourite blog post that I have written is – or, if you are new to the Just History Posts community, tell me which of my posts you are most interested in reading! If you need a refresher of my list of posts, then you can check them all out on this handy page here.

Make sure you write your comment by midnight (UK time) on 31st October. The winner will be revealed on the 2nd November via social media and as a reply to your comment on this page, so make sure to check back in then to see if you are the lucky winner! (nb: you will need to enter an email address to comment as spam protection, but this is held securely by WordPress and I do not have access to it)

Thank you all for being such wonderful supporters through the past 5 years, and here’s to many more.

24 thoughts on “5 Year Anniversary Competition!

  1. I’m not sure how to choose. All of them? *panic* I’m always fascinated by the history of witches and witchcraft, so any of those; however, Reactions to Suicide isn’t a topic that’s often covered and is fascinating to me being a psychotherapist. Can I just flail wildly and leave it at that?

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  2. There are so many to choose from, but I think my favourite is the one about Samuel Pepys. He’s one of the most interesting (and hilarious!) figures in history to me. I also love the medieval snails article too… They’re all brilliant to be honest.

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      1. There are truly many beautiful stories, but one of them that has been so memorable is about the medicine during the Medieval period!❤
        I am a fan all the way from the Philippines.

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  3. It’s very hard to choose a favourite as I really enjoy reading all your posts. But one of my favourite to read was “Is selfie culture new? Vanity through time.” Super interesting and I loved the photographs within the post too. Closely followed by the “The Princes in the Tower” – having studied it previously it was great to refresh my memory.

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  4. There are so many interesting and informative posts to choose from! But for me the one that stands out in my memory is the Australian War against the Emus. It genuinely made me smile at the thought of the emus scattering and making themselves so difficult to slaughter.

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  5. Why are there so many giant snails in medievil manuscripts! I was just telling my niece about this the other day, where else would I get such interesting information.

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  6. Why are there so many giant snails in medievil manuscripts?! I was just telling my neice about this the other day. Where else would I get such interesting information.

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  7. I love all of them! Such variety and always so interesting. My personal favourites sit in the “Royal People” section, but I can’t pick one out as a winner. They are all fantastic and I love seeing each of your posts on Facebook. Thank you for sharing your knowledge so freely.

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  8. Only just followed after your Royal Witches talk for BeBold History the other night. So many posts I want to read, but the medieval snail marginalia grabbed my attention first!

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  9. Having just started following you on Twitter, I’m delighted to learn about witches and more! I’m most excited to read about Isabella of France, “She-Wolf” of England, as I just came across some fascinating tidbits and would love to know more. Looking forward to reading your posts, blog and book!

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